— Module 2 —

Your Expert Authority Mindset

— Module 2 —

Stage 1 – 
• Bio — ( About the Author)
• Book Description
• Professional Photo –
• Brainstorm 10 Ideas a Title for your book —-
• Brainstorm 10 Ideas a Title for the sub-title of your book —-

• IDEA for front cover design — Click here for CreateSpace Specifications

• Establishing the right format for your page count — Click HERE for CreateSpace INTERIOR Specifications

• Tax ID – (Must have federal tax id) / Business EIN OR Social Security #
• Setup Your AWeber Account
— Ideally using an email account with your domain name not a free service like Gmail
AWeber will be used for all of your list building efforts
• Setup Vimeo Account:

Vimeo Will be used for your video’s on your book landing page, your official expert/authority website, and your training portal for YOUR new 8 week program 🙂

• Setup Wistia Account:
Wistia Will be used for your video’s in your Fast Track & Strategic Funnel’s
• Setup Youtube Account:
Youtube Will be used for your social sharing video efforts
• Setup Facebook Public Figure Page
Facebook Public Figure Page will be used as your PR HQ
Your Business Piece of Mind: Outsourcing
• Setup Your Fiverr Account:

Fiverr will be used to recruit your team and help expedite and achieve the various goals throughout the project

Preferred Team:

Book Cover Creation >>>

Book Formatting >>>
Fiverr Formatting for Kindle & Createspace

I have worked Exclusively with Shaz, Nehara & Stacey for all the books I’ve published, helped clients publish, and even referred people to get formatted.

All Three are great and easy to work with (if you’re considerate in return and don’t ask for a miracle 24hrs before a deadline….but most CAN pull a 2-3 day turnaround if need be however I personally as a way to run your business don’t recommend it …but stuff happens 😉

***When you are ready, let me know and i can message them first so they are expecting you, you don’t need all 3, but if one is unavailable you’re in good hands with another. Proper formatting for both Kindle + Createspace at the time of this post is $50-$100 but totally depends on THEIR pricing, which changes and I have no control over

• Get Bio
• Get Pro Photo Headshot to use for branding across all social media and your book
• Get Bank Account + Federal Tax ID (If Needed)
• Setup Your AWeber Account 
• Setup Vimeo Account: Basic Or Plus are good to get started
• Setup Wistia Account: The Basic Free One is fine to start
• Create Facebook Public Figure Page: Your Publicity HQ
Start Your Book + Training Outline NOW! 🙂
Module 1.1 — Block15Time™
Module 1.2 — Your Expert Authority Identity
Module 1.3 — The Expert Authority Trifecta™
Module 1.4 — Your Ideal Dream Client
Module 1.5 — GMail (Business Email) Account Creation
Module 1.6 — Amazon Account Creation (Business Account)
Module 1.7 — KDP Account Creation (Kindle Direct Publishing)
Module 1.8 — Author Central Account Creation
Module 1.9 — Createspace Account Creation
Module 1.10 — AWeber Account Creation
Module 1.11 — Vimeo Account Creation
Module 1.12 — Wistia Account Creation
Module 1.13 — Youtube Account Creation
Module 1.14 — Fiverr Account Creation
Module 1.15 — RescueTime Account Creation