— Module 3 —

Your Signature Funnel

— Module 3 —

Your Signature Publicity + Free eBook + Expert Authority Funnel = new qualified leads 🙂

3.1 – Publicity


You need to fuel the funnel constantly.

Your Signature Publicity (Your Outside Perception) = How you Advertise and are perceived in the marketplace

• What WORKS? What is giving you best ROI?  <<< Keep doing it

• What do you enjoy most? — Video is my preferred weapon of choice …what’s yours?
It’s all about congruence …if you hate writing…don’t think you have to become a daily blogger…if you love interacting with people but don’t like always having to be “Camera Ready” …maybe pod-casting is your thing….if you’re a true “Behind the scenes” type ….give all your notes to a transcriptionist + graphic designer and communicate with awesome images and video

Whatever it is for YOU — do that

Personally, everyone can do everything but one or 2 will be your “Weapon of Choice” or “Ace up your sleeve” — you can do it all, you should do it on all mediums on all platforms (sites) but you will have your strength and preference…ALWAYS…play to your strength and outsource the rest

• Now that you have your publicity groove —where do they go? This is your Free eBook (report)


3.2 – Free eBook


You will want to secure a domain name to use for promotional purposes:

And you want it to be clear and concise AND SHORT and easy to remember

Here is the formula




Of course you wont be having (spaces) in the name but that’s the basic formula:

I will repeat, follow the formula of:



>>> Free ebook/report Template PDF Version <<<

>>> Free ebook/report Photoshop .PSD Files (.ZIP Folder) <<<


You can check mine out at:


Your Topic could (and in most cases SHOULD) be used in your book title, so you will see I used both topic related AND part of my book title + report

Remember KEEP IT SHORT & ask yourself “Does it Make Sense”

www.ExpertAuthorityEffect7StepBluePrintReport.com <<< way to long

www. ExperAuthorityEffectReport.com <<< long still and also throws up the question “is it the effect or report”

www.ExpertAuthorityReport.com <<< clear concise to the point short enough and easy to remember and YES “It makes sense”

Always remember doing most ANYTHING technically, or digitally ….DOES IT MAKE SENSE (In real life to your prospects that are humans)

Technology is just a tool, that’s it — ive seen really great people and products bomb because they got “too fancY” and forgot that it needs to make sense to real life humans.

It can be “Cute” online or in the virtual world but you NEVER WANT TO HAVE TO EXPLAIN ANYTHING ONCE YOU SAY IT

if your prospects doesn’t ‘get it” it might be too confusing and needs to be changed.

This isn’t JUST about the domain name, but your topic, your book, signature training, all of it.

Is it digestible and congruent through every piece and topic related?


3.3 – Expert Authority Funnel Map


So you’re creating traffic and sending that traffic to that URL thats topic related short makes sense and has report in it —but what happens when your prospects gets to that site?

>>> Click here to see <<< 


3.4 – Expert Authority Email Follow Up Sequence Template


This is where the fun really begins and leverage starts paying dividends. all you have to do is give enough great, actionable content, and people will want to sign up for your list.

Once you have them on the list, the automation takes over and the funnel process begins.

You can have as short, or as long of a marketing “Drip” funnel/campaign as you desire, and make it as simple or complex as you want.

The #1 goal regardless of sequence length is:


remember its about them, not you, they don’t care about everything you have going on, but WIIFT (What’s In It For Them)

Of course, share your win’s and accomplishments and thank them, but remember they are looking for info for THEIR BENEFIT ….so give it to them and they will stay with you a long time 🙂

Below is a solid drip sequence that will do more than just get you started, don’t shorten it, but you can always add more (within reason) remember Client Centric.

This is the sequence you will want to install to AWeber to support your Free Report Funnel leading them to your video, and inviting them to schedual a call with you so you can really get them results.

>> Expert Authority Email Follow Up Sequence Template <<<


Please avoid free email addresses like Gmail or Hotmail. Using free email addresses can cause delivery problems.

Why? You Ask? >>> Here’s Why <<<





• Make sure your AWeber Opt-In Box is working,

• test it with your own email,

• personal emails,

• close friend emails and

• make sure its installed correctly and firing proper,

• That all links are working,

• That all the pages are redirecting

• there are no delays and you’re good to go


• Remove AWeber Powered By

• Make boxes full width

• 1st Box on Top = “Your First Name”
• 2nd Box on Bottom = “Your Best Email

• Go to the color picker in the top center of the screen and change the font color from gray to black

• Click “Advanced Options” in the top right to Swap button image with >>>

• Click “Save Your Form”

• Click “Go To Step 2”

• Click “Save Your Form” again

• Click “Go To Step 3” (No,You don’t need to change any settings)

• Click “I will install my form”

• Copy “Javascript Snippet” (The Quick and Easy Version) from the top left

• Go to www.YourAbbreviatedBookTitle+Book.com site
• Login ( www.YourAbbreviatedBookTitleBook.com/wp-admin)


• Click “Templates” on the left

• Click the “HomePageBookLaunch” Template

• Click the 1st “Column” book (The Element Label will read VIDEO(LEFT)+OptInBox(RIGHT) it’s the small box with mini description in the top right)

• Click “HTML” (It should be 3rd mini box down)
• Click the “Greater Than” and “Less Than” signs in the bottom right in the inner box (to the right of the image icon) – when you hover over it will say “Edit Code”

• PASTE the JavaScript code you copied a few minutes ago 

• Click “Save”
• Click “Update Template” (its the tealish/blue box near the top on the right)

• VOILA! That’s it
• Open a new window with the site URL (NOT LOGGED IN TO DASHBOARD) and refresh the page to make sure all changes took effect

A) If its not working >>> Go step by step slowly through this checklist and re-trace your step to make sure you did everything proper (Most likely you simply made the change in the dashboard but forget to hit “SAVE” and/or “UPDATE TEMPLATE” somewhere along the way – no worries it happens to all of us, just fix it and move on)

B) It IS working >>> Congrats ! You did it – now go do a FB livecast & and share on ALL of your Global Social Reach accounts telling everyone how excited you are about the launch and why they should sign up now to get early access to your book & training

3.6 – Leads 


See who qualifies and doesn’t qualify

If they don’t qualify, don’t be shy to cancel the booking with a response saying “not a good fit at this time” but please apply again in the future

If they Qualify, accept booking request and move forward with the call

Remember on the call you are ONLY TO DIAGNOSE THE PROBLEM and SEE IF THEY WANT THE REMEDY (Like a Doctor)

The Doctor doesn’t tell you what, and every single step of the process he will do to fix your problem (give you the remedy/desired result) he checks you out and says “here’s the problem” and than lets YOU DECIDE if you want to have him fix it or not.