— Module 4 —

Your Signature Publicity

— Module 4 —

Video Aspect Ratio Conversion >>> http://size43.com/jqueryVideoTool.html <<<

You have to have the mindset of serving at each level, you let your prospects decide.

You have it done and available, they decide.

How do promote I the training?

With your messaging:

“I’m excited to launch by NEW Book & Training __Date of your launch__ ”

(July 12th) <<< First day of EAE™ Class when I launched


“I’m excited to launch my NEW Book & Training July 12th”

Oh that’s awesome! What’s it about ?

(Share with them)

What are the benefits + whats in it for them + end result you not only WILL deliver, but gurantee, and believe with 1000% confidence

WOW that’s really awesome, where can I learn more? 

>>> YourSignatureTrainingREPORT.com <<<

Send them to the FREE REPORT Expert Authority Funnel You Setup from Module 3

***You may be thinking ” Oh everyone I talk to will be 200% excited and interested? …well, I’m here to tell you that you BETTER BE BELIEVING IT is a possibility, you have to sell yourself on YOUR TRAINING before you can sell anyone else on it. So yeah, maybe you are in a room of people that have been following you and can’t wait to hear from you, it can be reality.

In the event that someone ISN”T interested…no big deal, you did your part, and got more practice about getting your message out 1 more time, and maybe they’re not interested but they KNOW someone who is…so help and guide them, but DO NOT think you need to be saynig 1 thing to 1 person to appeal to them 1 thing to another person to appeal to that person and a 3rd thing to a 3rd type of person.

Remember the Expert Authority Trifecta™


is to make it as Joe Polish says “Easy, Lucrative, and Fun” Keep it E.L.F.

Changing your messaging 14 times a week is a lot of work and tiring, you’re in the class, you invested the money, you’re investing the time, now invest just a tad more energy and really commit to refining your messaging and zero in on your ideal prospect so you NEVER HAVE TO COME BACK TO THIS CRAP AGAIN…maybe once a year you update it (if need be) to reflect changes in your life and personal dreams and goals but you shouldn’t have to make drastic changes constantly.

Small tweaks = big results

Stay the course

Repeat your core mantra to EVERYWHERE TO EVERYONE, even if they might joke about giving you “The sales pitch”

you can simply say something to the effect of “Pitching you, not in the slightest, you simply asked me about what I’m excited about, were you not interested in my program or what I’m doing in my life?” either way its kind of insulting.

Depending on how you’re feeling, you can leave it there OR use this one:

“Pitching you, definitely not, you wouldn’t qualify for the type of people we allow in the program anyway i just wanted to share since you asked”

For some real fun combine them with the simple use of “Moreover”

“Pitching you, not in the slightest, you simply asked me about what I’m excited about, moreover you wouldn’t qualify for the type of people we allow in the program anyway i just wanted to share since you asked”

Truthfully, the words don’t matter, say what you want, but say it with 10,000% conviction that what YOU OFFER is of far greater value than anything they could offer you because it is, literally, you better believe it.

This should be the exception to the rule, not the norm, if you keep running into people that don’t support you its 1 of 3 things: 

1 — You’re talking to the wrong person
2 — You’re talking with the wrong message

3 — You are (temporarily) being the wrong person 

Again you need to be 100% truthful, honest, and congruent, if you’re trying to pitch something you don’t believe in or know yourself you can’t fulfill, its going to end bad for both of you.

All that simply means is:

Change it 🙂

1) Refine who you’re looking to attract and talk to a new group of people perhaps in a different area
2) Refine your messaging to be more reflective of who you’re looking to attract
3) Line of your thoughts and your actions 100% — not your future thoughts and desires with no action, or action that won’t get you to your goal

Let’s break it down a lil further

1) Market (Audience) — Go back through and do the >>> Perfect Client Excersize <<< 

2) Messaging — My original tagline was:

“Do you chase clients or do they chase you”

….while catchy, “chasing clients down reminded me of the newbies at the ONLY WAY they think they can get clients is attending networking events in bulk, and going for “quantity” vs quality. Never listening to who they are talking to, only focusing on themselve and having a scarcity victim mentality reflective of a hyiena that they are going to “Get” everyone in the room.

This not only is insensitive and selfish, it just flat out doesn’t work (still wouldn’t recommend it even if it did, its a horrible way to conduct business but its litereally 0/2 not even 1 outta 2)

my mindset when developing it was 95% on “Clients chasing you” and than to fill the gap i thought “well if they chase me the opposite is me chase them”

while i have FELT that way, in the past as you may have, I can withouta shadow of a doubt say that neither of us ARE that type of person.

1) I for one am not and never have been, while not always being SUPER SELECTIVE of who i worked with, i always had SOME qualifiers with selection for the process
2) I wouldn’t allow you in this program, so the fact that you’re learning this tells me you’re the right person 😉

So I changed the messaging to reflect this better, while still keeping the core focus and message of attracting people to you, i than changed it to:

I help you get published, get publicity, and get profitable 

While still better i didn’t LOVE it.

You see indirectly it’s denoting that you’re:

1) not profitable
2) have zero publicity
3) not published

so in essence I’m insulting, any and everyone who i talk to because the truth is, even if you are published, have publicity and are profitable


Majority of my clients are in that boat, published, have existing business, maybe even award winners and recognized in their field, and profitable.

So phase III occurred to me, check this out, 1 word INCREASE:

I help you INCREASE your expert authority positioning to attract your ideal dream client’s

because even if your published you still need:

Your Signature Funnel
Your Signature Publicity
Your Signature Brand
Your Signature Training
Your Signature Talk
Your Signature Launch

There are still 6 MODULES in this course alone each with details within that ONLY LIMITED to this master class there are potentially dozens of ways your life can and will be better off because of it.

The whole time i’m at best, questioning “If i have it drilled in” at worse I’m thinking — I CAN HELP THEM ! and they just shut off the possibility because of my stupid messaging ! (Shame on me)

“Increase” is powerful…it means you already have it…but i can still help = true and congruent

attract ideal dream clients — a lot of people never take the time to refine it, doing this excersize alone is worth the entire training…

…but people don’t work that way, even if its in their best interest (which it is) ….

Wrapping an entire best selling book, business model, and training program around it 🙂

Make’s for a nice package with a bow to incentivize going through the entire process

The weight of the importance is easier visualized, and it sinks home when you have a lot of skin the game.

You better believe the 1st thing i did before sending the hardcover version of “The Expert Authority Effect” to the printer was take a serious look at not just the title, but also sub-tile.

*(Getting 100’s of anything printed to the tune of 1,000’s of dollars will make you re-evalue your decisions before they are “Finalized”*

sure you can re-do it but why 1/2 @$$ it to begin with?

My dad always told me to “Do it right the 1st time and you won’t have to do it again” ~Richard John Fachini

My dad is a smart man

The incentize for me has, been, is, and very well could always be ” the sooner its done (right) the sooner i can get back to playing”

You have a problem? I’ll help you solve it…but neither of us wants it to take weeks months or years, why would you want to waste your life not doing what you love?

>>> EVEN IF you are spending your life doing what you love…why wouldn’t you want to spend the MOST TIME enjoying the fruits of your labor with the PEOPLE YOU LOVE? <<<

See that …had i ended it with “not doing what you love” …you could rebuttal saying “I already do what i love” …true…but are you doing it in the best way possible to ensure YOUR IDEAL lifestyle? 🙂

Gotta love messaging.

So while you want to promote and get publicity, REALLY REALLY REALLY think long and hard about HOW you’re doing it and if it supports the lifestyle and vision you IDEALLY want.

again messaging…it might support it …but is it IDEAL ?

I’m here to tell you that you can not only have your cake, eat it too, throw in some cookies, baklava, triple fudge brownies, egg nog AND still have plenty enough to give to everyone you love and surroduning nejhoborhoods and cities.

Whatever you focus on you will get —so why not get it right from the start? …its only the next 100yrs of your life we’re talking about …no biggie 😉

3 — You are (temporarily) being the wrong person 

I put temporarily in parenthesis because the truth is you’re not being congruent and you’re TRYING to sell something you don’t believe in. #TrueStory

However…its your choice…and you make great choices….so its simply temporary.

Draw a line in the sand and everything up till this second was ‘In the past” declare now you are taking a stand to move forward into a bigger grander vision

Get real with yourself, congruent with your messaging, and truthful with your prospects — while you may desire to help them with all areas, focus on your strength zone, your supwer power if you will.

You might be GOOD at A, B,C, and D but the truth is you’re a freaking rockstar at E!

So don’t feel you have to be everything to everyone, say “I’m good at A, B, C, and D …but let me share with you how i can REALLY help you pretty effortlessly and we can have a lot of fun in the process 🙂 …E

***Messaging break*** ….DO NOT (unless in a comedic sense in a pretty relaxed setting with the goal of getting a laugh) say “The truth is I’m a freaking rockstar” ….you don’t need the T-Shirt that says “I’m kind of a big deal” You may very well be but no one wants to hear it. Remember its about THEM not you.

You might be not just a big deal, but a HUGE DEAL…but not more than Jesus, and even he cared more about others than himself, so slow your roll and drop it down a peg, if you really are a big deal, everyone else will do the promotion for you.

***Messaging break over***

Even if you desire to be a rockstar in 5 areas, focus on the E and be a rockstar, knock your training and service out of the park WHILE …you might be brushing up, learning more, and enhancing A-D …there is not only NOTHING WRONG with this, but i congratulate and encourage you to do so.

You can always share with others what you’re up to and perhaps offer a “BETA” training with an “Expansion module” you’re looking to add in the future update of the program, be 100% clear that “while this is new i’m looking to grow it, I might not be the best or doing it the longest YET …but with the little i’ve learned so far, i can tell you that if you get out of it 1/2 of what i have it will be worth your time”

AKA – Humble yourself when expanding

in time, if you so desire, maybe you will be able to say its an area of expertise, just be honest, when you hear everyone else saying it about you, maybe that’s a good indicator that you do actually know what you’re talking about with the new subject matter

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS play to your strength, once you’ve mastered it, THAN expand

My general rule of thumb is that regardless if its a 1 day training 3 day event, weekend workshop, 4,6,or 8 week training, i always commit for 90 days to do my absolute best and implement as much as fast as possible so i am never “kicking it with a stick”

Do it intense, do it intentionally, do it deliberatlty,

Commit for 90Days and than keep at it 6-12 months to dive deep, and always always continually be learning until the day you go to be with God.

Commit for 6-12 months regardless of program length than decide if you want to add it to your wheelhouse, or maybe you keep it in your personal arsenal and don’t teach it.
But If you so choose to add it, than you’re at least prepared.

I will probably never write a book or teach Search Engine Optimization, i’m familiar more than most, i’ve had success with our own stuff, people i’ve shared the little i do know in training’s that asked me “what do you know, i still want to know, its more than me” have had success implemented the process i’ve shared with them for basic website and mainly video ranking, I share a little in my 1st book Video Marketing for Business Owners but my answer is almost 10)% “Outsource that crap”

I am knowledgeable and a fast study and if i wanted to technically learn it i have no doubt i succeed, (wouldn’t start it unless i decided already to succeed) but the truth is, i simply don’t care THAT MUCH or have a burning desire (Like Napolean Hill talks about in best selling book Think and Grow Rich) great enough to care long enough to do so and commit, don’t care don’t want to care. I would 1st recommend a close friend and colleague of mine Tim Yow from www.YowSeo.com who sponsored the Expert Authority Effect Live Event, and only reason I offered him the opportunity to be a sponsor is because I know:

1) he know’s his stuff
2) he actually cares
3) he can get results

I’ve had him help me finding keywords for my company before, and he’s my go to expert for “SEO” questions when I may see or hear something and think “Hmmm” i wonder what the truth it.

So again you don’t need to be everything to everyone, people appreciate it more when you’re honest, and also you become easier to promote.

Want more referrals? …be refferable

If YOU can’t articulate your publicity message ….you really think the rest of the world can?

Module 4.3 —

Multiple ways to the same goal — CONSTANTLY Getting The Word Out

I will flat out tell you now in 90% of instances your “End Goal” will be to get people to:


A few exceptions to this will be…actually…”In addition to” is better use of this message but are as follows:

• A live event
• A launch (Book, Audio, Video)

A live event doesn’t always mean its for a book or audio or video, additionally a book, audio, video, launch doesn’t always mean its live.

ALL however are IN ADDITION TO


If you take on the responsibility of a multiple cross promotion, BE VERY CLEAR of the desired goal and outcome, you can quickly screw it all up before you start by not knowing the end game.

What is the #1 priority?

What is #2 and #3 ?

Promoting the free report at the expense of a live event you had to put secure venues and everyone you know and your entire reputation is riding on…may want to think twice about your focus.

Additionally …what if you’re doing you’re 1st ever international best seller launch for your newest book?

What if you’re doing your 1st ever hardcover edition of your book and you want to ensure the the increased investment for hardcover ends up profitable because its 8x-10x more than softcover and you have 2 others books alreaedy anyhow?

…I’m smirking because these aren’t Hypotheticals, this entire training is from personal business and life experience.

Launching a book is easy, an audio is easy, a video is easy …they are each only 1 thing.

How do you handle prioritization of multiple, concurrent launches?

You prioritize.

This is the beauty of leverage and knowing your audience and having your messaging drilled down.

I would not teach this or recommend for a complete new person who little experience because while i do have it all set up (and constantly tweaking it nothing is “perfect”) I am not in the “initial” or “Start-up” phase of my business where I had to create majority of this from thin air (some i did) most i did not.

you NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER stop promoting your core business, its your bread and butter, your expert authority funnel is your main stay for the next 100 yrs, your client acquisition machine if you will.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER ..>EVER stop driving traffic to it…the good news is …YOU comma don’t have to. This is the beauty of leveraging automation and advertising. You 1 shouldn’t have to have it all depend on you to begin with, moreover, it’s not the highest and best use of your time.

I mean really …envision the next 100 yrs where you do the same thing day in and day out every day and repeat yourself like a record. This is not how to spend a life, and defintlely not YOURS.

Robots are our friends not enemies, automate of much of your business as you can so you can focus on your strength and super power of serving your clients at the highest level.

Don’t “Forget” about acquiring new clients and keeping your pipeline filled regardless of what else is going on, but IN ADDITION to this #1 priority, you have a 2nd #1 priority

It could be the event, the book, the audio, or video launch, thats your call.

I would almost always recommend whatever has the most riding on it, focus the most attention there, for me it was the live event >>> Click here to check it out <<<

I truthfully was so focused on the event i forgot i had MY OWN BOOK LAUNCH 5 days from launch, I was so excited about my clients that just launched and are about to launch, and staying focused on serving clients that i had to jump into the training here (Literally i came into my own training to follow the blueprint) and just did it all in a few days with the nuts and bolts >>> Click here to activate your launch sequence <<<

its only a few hrs work to do the technical mumbo jumbo so its not a huge deal, the part you really need to get right is the messaging…

See while maybe i wasn’t SOLELY focused on my own book launch nuts and bolts … i still had messaging nailed and its the same messaging script i gave you to use as a tool in Module 1.1.

Remember this little beut ?

“I’m excited to launch my NEW Book & Training July 12th”

well check this out

“I’m excited to launch my NEW Book & VIP Live Event Celebration & Workshop Dec 7th!”

Rocket Surgery, isn’t it

Everyone and anyone i talked to regardless if i thought theyd be a great fit for the training and event or if i knew there wasn’t a snowballs chance in H3LL they’d ever be anything more than a conversation at that moment in time


Maybe this is the only time in my life we will talk but if they get their light sparked and think “id never thought about that” or “Ive always wanted to” maybe you’re the angel god put in their life at that moment on that day because of the vision you have and thats all its supposed to be for them to go on and do great things

Dimming your light doesn’t make someone elses shine brighter 

You’re on a mission to serve and transform lives with your knowledge, expertise, and training…why wouldn’t you want to share that every chance you get?

A side benefit (To You) is that it always keeps you sharp for the boardroom, while there may be no one around in the gym or locker room, it will be apparent on the field how prepared you are.

Pick the priority and play to it AND THATS IT let automation and your prepardness handle the rest.

You will almost ALWAYS be doing more than 1 thing in life …really….but your MESSAGING reflects your focus at that moment

At this moment your only messaging everyone on the planet should be hearing is:

“I’m excited to launch my NEW Book & Training ______”

once it’s launched than what?

“I’m excited to have just launched my NEWest (Bestselling) Book & My Training Class ___1st Mon/Tues/Wens__of following month”

You see just because you had initial launch the very 1st ever class (Essentially a grand opening) doesn’t mean you can’ have a RE-Grand opening, or attach some sort of fanfare and publicity to any of the 400 million reasons people create to have publicity and fanfare (sale)

Maybe its national chocolate day, air duct day , or who know’s maybe its just Thursday and thats good enough.

The marketing and launch sequence don’t change

Because we don’t sell chotchki’s and or want to attract flea market shoppers, i used those examples for that and only that examples, i don’t even recommend having a “Sale” even if it’s black friday — All you’re devaluing is your core life, essence, worth, and quality of your program.

Your signature program is just that, your SIGNATURE program, its designed to be exclusive and premier, you want to knock off $500-$2000 ? guess what ?

Time to start 100% over from scratch.

You are now having to redo all your marketing messaing for a whole new market audience across all the mediums, AND …at best …even if some of them DO purchase …its not your ideal client anyhow, otherwise they would have been attracted to the program the other 51 weeks a year.

IF YOU WANT to have a “Special PromotioN” even if its black friday — make a complete new OFFER and again follow the rules i layed out for you, be honest be congruent, be helptful:

Hey you may know my signature program is __________ and i help _________ and all my clients are getting great results, i know you may not be ready for the full program just yet, when you are it’ll be there (ensure that you’re not a flash in the pan or it’s “Just the thing you’re doing this week”) but i hav a new special offer that is 1/10th of the program and we’ll be covering _______ (just name 1 part)

In my experience implementing this 1 thing alone will change your business for teh better, its a great start, and its not everything that you can benefit from, but it’ll still give you a 1000% advantage over the competition because most just flat out arent’ doing it.

If you’re interested its ONLY ____ (price should be $300-$1000)

Don’t play that 39.97 crap, and think just because its less included its any less valueable, anything under $200 most people don’t think twice about.

If you want fast sales to the masses awesome, have fun, if you want to actually help and get people results charge more and attract people who will take action.

Having this 1 thing (Pricing) decided ahead of time sets the tone and is the biggest factor in who you attract and who you don’t

It’s not just a dollar amount or a dollar sign, money has an EXTREMELY high emotional attachment to every single person on the planet and play’s the biggest role in every single decision, self-worth, identity, and core existence of beliefs maybe only 2nd to spirituality and religion, both of which also discuss and have teachings on money.

Its not just $99 or $999 to that person…its everything ….or nothing at all

That is really case by case basis and “Special circumstances” more offers are better than less, but counting on “Launches” isn’t a business model to thrive and succeed, its an “In addition to”

I recommend:

Not really changing a thing, staying steady stay the course, and while the whole world jumps on “The newest thing” every 3 weeks, you’re just getting better, more defined, and more REFINED, with time.

There is nothing better than with excitement and joy being able to say “Yes I’m still doing that”

— would you hire the constant beginner, or do you look for the seasoned expert in all areas of your life in all that you do?


Now to drive this home, just because I said stay the course, doesn’t mean you cant have a blast doing it 🙂

That excitement and fun you had launching your “New Book & Training”

Simply becomes:

“I’m excited to have just launched my NEWest (Bestselling) Book & My Training Class ___1st Mon/Tues/Wens__of following month”

Every month you have a new training !

you don’t need to start from scratch, we’re building the training right now in the Expert Authority Effect™ Master Class

You won’t need to go back for AT LEAST a year to do anything significant, depending on your field, 2-5 yrs or longer could be the case.

So with that being said:

1) Its a new person, to them, ALL OF THIS IS NEW therefore = New Class Starting 🙂
2) You will almost ALWAYS be tweaking and changing things around, albeit it mentally or technically = New Class Starting 🙂
3) I’ve been teaching the core of EAE™ for 5+ yrs in some instances, 10+ in others, 20+ in others, names have changed,companies have been literally sold, but the principals remain the same.
Its ALWAYS “New” and feel free to use “Improved” …because its true. I’m typing this now in module 4 dec 17th, 2016, and launched this class July 12th, 2016

How did i Launch my #1 Best seller Dec 28th, 2012?

I’ll have fun and say “magic”

This will get turned into a video, and I’m excited to launch the NEW Version of the training portal for 2017 but as far as this content goes its from circa 2008-2012 before i even thought about writing a book, and we primarily launched marketing campaigns for companies, tv commercials, websites, menus, graphic design ads, etc printed stuff

All you really need to know is 1) To the person interested…its all new

So while you don’t need to redo every last aspect of the program, maybe you add a new entry in the training portal, or update a singal 5 min video of the 50-100 you might have, if you feel better justfitying it that way, cool, eitehr way its always new and for marketing purposes:

Whatever day and time you have your class mark your calendar EVERY MONTH for the next 1 year to 2 years (Don’t use auto repeat occurances to infinity, go out 12-24 months whatever end up being the last week in december for at least 1 calendar year, if you’re reaeding this in June go a year and a half out, so on and so forth.

Mark that date and time down each month so you can promote (EVERY DAY OF EVERY MONTH) effectively for the next one.

January 3rd, 2017 is the start date of my new class 🙂

anyone can join at any point in time, they can get started tomorrow and join us the next 2 weeks before January 3rd, they can get started in 3 to 4 weeks and now they’re passed the January 3rd start date (OH NO!) right?

wrong, 🙂 they get started at the next class after they get started.

But you will always pick 1 day a month to secure for “Pomotional Purposes” to rally everyone behind and that day is the day of your “New class” which is the 1st Mon/Tues/Wens of each month

one the date has passed you MARKET TO … the next one

Someone wants to get started by January 3rd prior to 2:45pm EST great you can join the new january 3rd class as your 1st day.
Someone wants to get started by January 3rd after 2:45pm EST great you can join the January 10th class as your 1st day

Either way come 2:45pm EST on the respective “New Class Day” all marketing messages for promotion for that class will be retired and the new campaign for the following month will be initiated, in this case February 7th, 2017

You won’t need to change HOW you promote or even WHAT you promote but simply the dates of the next class, you see the big benefit is the date and time which is a deadline, people respond to deadlines.

If its just “Something you do” than today tomorrow or next year is as good as any, attaching a true deadline and perhaps even a price difference, makes all the difference in teh world.

You don’t need to be “Salesy” to create “Sales” selling is simply serving but you do have to have a clear pitch, package, and offer to convey in your messaging on a regular basis, and when 1 promotion is over you have the next one ready to go.

Module 4 point 4 – Weapons in Your Arsenal

AKA —Types of publicity … (And the pro’s and con’s that go with them)

Email — 

Pro —

• Still the #1 Most Profitable Method for online sales
• Investment cost is virtually nonexistant for the reach you get

• Extremely Focused target demographic

• Every 1,000 Names & Emails on your list is roughly $100,000 dollars in actual revenue
• Every 5,000 Names & Emails on your list is roughly $500,000 dollars in actual revenue

• Every 10,000 Names & Emails on your list is roughly $1,000,000 dollars in actual revenue

Con —

• Frequency is limited

• Open Rates aren’t as high as before from people getting “burned out” from others overmailing, you have to be strategic and get creative with headlines and content and deliver actual value


• Virtually FREE at its barest bones form

Con —

• It’s live, it can be time consuming
• YOU have to have an engaging show

Software Options Available:

Facebook Live

Facebook App –

Natively Built In

Easy to use especially “on the go”
Wirecast Pro

Scheduling Available:
— must be between 11 minutes and 1 week from now

— MUST GO LIVE within 10mins or it’s canceled

YouTube Live:

Huge Pro — It’s youtube and it go’s directly to your channel

Con — It’s more of a “Check out the video/information i need” than leave site

Its not as “Social” as Facebook/Twitter or Even LinkedIN

It’s best to use Wirecast to go to your YT Channel and Facebook Live simultaniously so you don’t need to download and than re-upload the FB Video later, but you still get a highly engaging video as people engage and respond through Facebook as the main destination and YT as the satelite (extra destination) feed



Q & A Format

Interview Style Format

Scheduling Available:
— must be between 11 minutes and 1 week from now

— MUST GO LIVE within 10mins or it’s canceled

FREE App available for both Android and iOS

Great for Engaged Interaction with your Twitter Audience


Honorable Mentions:


Both great for quick on the go quips but Facebook is still king and more of a professional business audience is hanging out in addition to all the 3rd party connectivity options available.

To my knowledge snapchat doesn’t have much you can connect.

Instagram is owned my Facebook so I tend to use that first for additional viewers over SC but just decided “WHERE MY AUDIENCE IS” and wherever that is use that majority (but I can almost tell you now it will be Facebook & LinkedIn (with exceptions being the fitness,travel, food) industries


At the end of the day, use everythign to your advantage and if/when all of these change and you can simultaniously broadcast to any and everything live DO IT 🙂 the more outlets the better but if you have to choose 1 or a select few:

1) Go to where YOUR AUDIENCE IS
2) Go to where the biggest global audience is that can foster the highest level of engagement (like,comment,sharing) and interact while you broadcast


Organic Advertising


Pro —

• Investment is nearly Free

Con —

• MUCH MUCH MUCH lower reach that ever before, historical low 1/2 a % -5% of # of your entire audience MAYBE, and that’s IF you can foster interaction

I shared a photo of Grandma an me celebrating her 97th Birthday and it received 145 “Likes” at the time of this typing and i have 3,629 “Friends” on Facebook this equals 4.16%

Personally 10-30 “Likes” is fairly normal 50-70 (Nowadays) is kind of “A lot” but even with 145 its barely over 4% and thats with over 3,500 people.

So regardless if you have 500, or 5,000 people on your page

For every 1,000 people (rounding up to 5%) as a best case scenerio = you’re only reaching 50 people

Not earth shattering

Its nice to keep your page “Fresh” but social media may or may not be SEO Friendly meaning, its not like a website, youtube, or Twitter that can be indexed and “searched” so be aware of what you’re sharing, to whom, and how often, and most importantly how much time you’re investing in it.

Thinking you’re going to make 1 million dollars from 1 post with a list of 1,000 just because you finished your ________(insert product here)________ is ludacris and setting yourself up for failure

EVEN IF you reached 100% of the 50 people in a best case scenerio, you would have to have 100% closing ratio, and $20,000 Price Tag on this ficticious product, moreover, and magically you would also need a 100% profit margin, otherwise that wouldn’t even take into account your expenses and time producing it.

Get real with your thoughts and your self and realize you are the CEO of a company and all large companies worth their salt pay for advertising (even if they’ve been around 100+ years and have already 1000% percent indoctrinated you and our culture, ask yourself why that is, and realize if they are, you prolly should be too.

Paid Advertising

Pro – You can control and tweak it and “Pay to Play” which is great, it puts you in the driver seat 10)% and you are “in line” with the companies trying to make money. You have special access to tools and data not open to the general public
• Autopilot baby 🙂

Con –

• Associated investment
• Can get expensive quick if you’re simply going to “Try it out”
• Requires a fair level of time, energy, money, and proficiency to get, and keep it profitable
Press Release:

Pro —
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rankings
• Time Capsule

• Authority Building
• Real Life Exposure to Reporters, Journalist, & Bloggers

Con — Investment $50-$500 per press release


ReleaseWire — 

Submitting your Press Release:
Press releases are organized in company profiles. This makes it easy for journalists to find your press release and to subscribe to your company specific RSS news feed and email alerts.


The headline should be a single sentence, attention getting and factual. You should resist any text that asks for the reader to take action as your press release will seem like an advertisement.

Please capitalize the following in the headline:

First and last word
Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives
Subordinating conjunctions Example: before, after, when…
Hyphenated compound words
First word following a colon

Do Not Capitalize:

Articles (Example: a, an, the)
Coordinating conjunctions (Example: and, but, or, nor, so)
The word “to” when it precedes a verb
Prepositions with fewer than five letters.

Distribution: Direct Distribution

Press Release Analysis

Direct Distribution Settings

• Entered Topic Targeting — Direct Distribution Package — Your press release distribution package includes up to three (3) topic targets.

Topic targets are non-geographical dependent and are based solely on the topic of the press release. Please only enter topic targets that are directly relevant to your press release content. Non relevant topic targets may be removed by our editorial team.

Acquisition / Merger News

Advisories / Reminders

Conference Calls

Conference News

Earnings News

Financial News

Funding News

Investment Opinion News

IPO News

Joint Venture News

Lawsuit News

Personnel News

Product / Service News

Sales Reports / Trend News

Social Responsibility News

TradeShow News

Venture Capital News


• Entered Industry Targeting

Your press release distribution package includes five (5) locations. Additional locations are offered for an additional $5.00 each with an overall limit of 20 locations.

• Entered Local Media Targeting

Your press release distribution package includes five (5) locations. Additional locations are offered for an additional $5.00 each with an overall limit of 20 locations.
• Entered Statewide Media Targeting

Statewide direct to media distribution is offered as an add-on to your distribution package for $20.00 per state with a maximum of five (5) state targets.
• Entered Regional media Targeting

Regional (US) direct to media distribution is offered as an add-on to your distribution package for $40.00 per region with a maximum of two (2) regional targets.
• Entered Specialty Media Targeting

Specialty Media targets are collections of the top media outlets in a given topic. They are not limited to a single industry or location.

Your press release distribution package includes one (1) specialty media targets. Additional targets are offered for an additional $10.00 each.

US Top News

US Top Business News

US Top Small Business News

US Top Entertainment News

US Top Financial News

US Collegiate News
• Added Related Stock Tickers

ReleaseWire CRM Analysis

ReleaseWire CRM Media List Targeting

Attachment Analysis

Uploaded Logo

Attached Related Photos

• Attached Related Videos

When adding a video, enter the full URL of the video, for example:


ReleaseWire MediaWire supports videos from the following video hosting sites

– YouTube
– Vimeo
– Dailymotion
– Blip.tv
– Justin.tv
– Revision3
– Screenr
– Ustream
– Viddler
– Vimeo
– Animoto
– Aol Video
– Bambuser
– Clikthrough
– Coub
– Dotsub
– Videojug

Attached Related Documents

Attached Related Audio Files

Attached Related Web Links

ReleaseWire Press Release Pricing

A la Carte:

ReleaseWire Newswire – $49

ReleaseWire Direct – $89

ReleaseWire Direct Subscriptions – $179 with 3 montly volume

Change Your Monthly Volume

SelectMonthly Volume [?]New RateUpgrade*
Upgrade to 5 Per Month$279$100.00
Upgrade to 10 Per Month$529$350.00
Upgrade to 20 Per Month$949$770.00
Upgrade to 30 Per Month$1349$1170.00
Upgrade to 40 Per Month$1709$1530.00
Upgrade to 50 Per Month$2029$1850.00
Upgrade to 60 Per Month$2309$2130.00
Upgrade to 70 Per Month$2559$2380.00
Upgrade to 80 Per Month$2779$2600.00
Upgrade to 90 Per Month$2969$2790.00

Blog — 

Pro —
• Authority Building
• Free

Con —
• CAN be time consuming (If you let it)
• Hard to monetize IF its your only strategy (which for you in the class it is not)



Module 4 pointwhatever this is 5

Have a schedule


— Don’t bombard people with LITERALLY the same crap everyday


Module 4 — Connecting Aweber To SalesForce