Philosophies to Master:

Outside Perception vs Inside Reality – Your Thriving Business As A Whole

Block15Time™ – Your 96 Opportunities a Day to achieve your dreams
FEMS-PR™ – Financial-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual-Physical-Relational Mastery

Marketing Arsenal:

Expert Authority Livecast Training

24/7/365 — You can add MASSIVE value by sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and experience with your audience in the form of a live, interactive, livecast training, and all you need is your phone, an internet connection, and the Facebook/Periscope App 🙂 Offer for attendee’s to PM (Private Message) you, and get your Free eBook from

Dream 100 Client List
One of the fastest and most effective ways to rapidly grow your business is to create a list of the top 100 clients you would like to work with. These people are your Dream Clients and they can easily afford you. Having just one or two of these clients could actually double your business. This exercise will often feel impossible midway through, and then a miracle occurs. Additionally, this list needs to be fluid. Cross people off after you get a no from them. Add new people when they come to mind. *The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!
9 Word Email 
The “9 Word” Email (by Dean Jackson) Send an email to your “house list” as follows: This can also be used in a Facebook PM or text message
Subject: {firstname}! {fiestname},
Email: Are you still interested in…(big outcome your provide) Reply “yes” if so… ========================
Expert Authority™ CRM
Tracking Your Results
Global Audience Opportunity
Using Screenshots Of Client Success to Everyone’s benefit
FT3 – Fast Start Funnel
FT4 – Funnel Set Up
FT5 – Pixel Placement

FT6 – Getting Clients Started

FT7 – Fast Start Action Steps