— Module 8 —

Your Expert Authority Launch™

— Module 8 —

———————————————– PRE-LAUNCH (Any and everything Prior to 12:00am on the date of your Launch) ———————————————–

• Amazon is your friend !
• Amazon is the world’s largest search engine of BUYERS! — People use Google to search when they want information, people use Amazon for search when they want to PURCHASE
• Amazon has 200 Million+ Credit Cards On File

• Amazon will help promote you —- They will even run ad’s on Facebook and other websites for YOUR BOOK

• Amazon’s Sales Ranking works on a 24hr rolling clock from Midnight to Midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time)

• The Goal is to get your book as high as you possibly can in the BSR (Best Seller Ranking)

• Anyone can purchase your book once it is available on your Amazon page, however with the 24hr rolling clock in mind, your goal is to get everyone funneled in on the same day after midnight.

• KINDLE CATEGORIES <<< VERY IMPORTANT <<< Make sure you have your categories are chosen wisely AND calculated to ensure a successful launch. Remember you want a category that you can rank in, but also makes sense for your book. Reaching #1 in some obscure category is not the goal, even with higher competition pick something closest to YOUR BOOK as possible, this is why we’ve prepared the last 7 weeks. >>> Review Module 2 Insights if need be <<< if you need more names and #’s on your list now is your time to get them BEFORE LAUNCH — offer incentive and get them to sign up by following Step 5 of the Expert Authority Effect™ — ACTUATE — you need to get your prospects to take action

• Profile Setup — Make sure your profile is all set up and ready to go a week before launch, use the KINDLE PLACE HOLDER MANUSCRIPT file if need be and just remember to upload your finalized file 24 hrs before launch day

• Pricing – FOR LAUNCH DAY – you want to go with 35% Royalty option and set pricing across the board at 99cents. We do this to maximize the # of book sales in the first 24hrs. This DOES NOT mean we keep that pricing forever (let alone 2days) it is special pricing when launching only. When you finalize your book with the formatter, the goal is to have the file UNDER 3MB. If it is over 3MB (even by a little) Amazon will only allow you to sell at $1.99 (3MB < 10MB), if it is OVER 10MB the lowest pricing will be set at $2.99. (and at this point you should go to the 70% royalty option) The size of your file will vary and the biggest contributing factor will be any heavy assets in your kindle file such as images or video. Have all images compressed and optimized for creation BEFORE giving them to your formatter otherwise you will have to re-do this piece of the process and perhaps (but hopefully not) have to have the entire book reformated because the images could have changed so drastically both in file size and layout (cropping)  

*Official Kindle pricing breakdown* >>> https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A301WJ6XCJ8KW0

• When marketing, you want to keep people focused and give them direction, choosing a time everyone can agree on and be promoted for the month before launch is the main reason we say 9am

• If your audience wants to purchase at 1am/2am/4am/5am/7am GREAT ! 🙂 ….let them know you appreciate the support and thank them. If it’s aftermidnight of launch day, and before midnight of the following day the sales will be counted to push your BSR up in the charts, again, you want 1time you can promote a month ahead of time that everyone can mark their calendars for, but if someone wants to by before the “Official Launch” time, just make sure its after midnight, and don’t advertise, “purchase whenever its good for you” still keep with the marketing strategy of 9am, but thank them individually if you get private messages, text, or emails asking otherwise.

• Why 7am? —- Most people are sleeping through the night, and racing off to do 100million things for the day 1st thing after they wake up, 7am is early enough you have a 12-116hr promotional window (IF NEEDED), where majority of people are awake, and have a chance to purchase either right before work, right when they get to work, on lunch, after work, before dinner, after dinner, etc. You will get sales nearly every hour, especially if your audience is in different time zones, but keep in mind your own personal life, what are YOUR daily habits, how often do you check your email? Facebook? Linkedin? Youtube? Amazon? Do Google searches?  it will vary from person to person but remember ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO PURCHASE LAUNCH DAY, the earlier the better, the faster the sales happen, the more you can focus back on serving your audience, once you get the highest rank you desire, YOU DID IT ! 🙂 appreciate and thank for all the other sales but once its done, you NEVER have to go back and do it again…so do it right. If you can do this by breakfast, or lunch, or mid afternoon, you can start celebrating at dinner, if it happens after dinner AWESOME!!! After party it is…Point is the sooner it happens the sooner you can celebrate, again 12:01am sales will count but most are sleeping, set some automation to start the promotion and get help from others in other time zones to help you promote early on. Mid day into early evening is GENERALLY when you will 1) have enough sales 2) amazon will be updated to reflect your ranking (again it varies but until you see it and take a screen shot KEEP PROMOTING AND DOING LIVE VIDEO MAKE IT FUN!!!

Email Template to Send to Family and Friends on Launch

Email Template to Promote Your First Book Launch!


Subject: I really need your help – my new book!

Subject: My new book – I really need your help!

Subject: I finally wrote a book! (but I need your help)

Subject: A dream fulfilled (My new book)

Subject: One of the happiest days of my life!


Hey (Name)!


I have some exciting news to share with you!


I have officially published my [first] book on Amazon today!

The title of the book is [Book Title, Subtitle].


Over the next 24 hours, my goal is to become a bestselling author but I really need your help to make this happen.


I’ve priced the book at only $0.99 – and it’ll take you only 30 seconds to follow this link, buy the book and let me know when you picked it up!


Here’s that link:

[Paste Book Link Here]


[Optional: And the next time you see me, I’ll happily give you a $1.00 :)]

[Optional: Note that the book is being pre-released, it’ll be done in xx days and will be shipped to you as a Kindle book automatically!]


I’m really grateful for your support!


I am forever grateful of your support and would love for you to share this with any of your friends or family that you think would enjoy this as well.


Thank you so much!


[Your Name]

—————————————— LAUNCH DAY !!! (Any and everything from 12:01am the date of your launch to 11:59pm) ——————————————–



• Once your achieve your desired ranking, welcome to the world of business and continued promotion 🙂

• Take Screen Shots at least once an hour of your amazon sales page — you can’t have too many screenshots of anything today, but unless you have a time machine, its insanely difficult to go back and time and get documented proof of everything and everyone.

>>> Snagit It <<< Get this Software

• People will congratulate you and perhaps even read your book the same day and leave comments on posts or in private messages, email, text, screenshot EVERYTHING — it will be used for marketing from here on out 

• What about Privacy? — Unless someone says ” Don’t share this with anyone” which I’ve never seen happen, especially on a public page such as facebook or linkedin post, especially when they’re congratulating you or expressing something positive and more than likely just purchased your book, it shouldn’t be a problem, however, this is not legal advice and I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, however in my experience, even if a prospect or client goes complete ApeS**T from listening to a 3rd party competitior and they threaten to take you to court (hypothecial of course) <<< not really *Rolls Eyes* …I digress…..just say you won’t use the video testimonial they didn’t hesitate to give you or any public posts (makes sense right)…that are public domain, or anything related to them in any future marketing…AKA…just scrub your marketing materials (and brain) from anything they’ve done, and you have on them, when you have 6 dozen+ video testimonials and 100’s of written/published ones….it’s not a big deal




—————————————POST-LAUNCH (Any and everything from 12:01am the day after your launch date and beyond) —————————————

• Breathe 🙂 — if you’re reading this PRIOR to launch you’ll laugh — if you’re reading this after launch, put “Thanks for the reminder” in the FB Group 😉 You’re welcome, and congrats ! YOU DID IT

IMPORTANT >>>>> Don’t be a selfish prick, you didn’t do this alone, BE SURE TO THANK EVERYONE <<<<< IMPORTANT

• Now remember to thank everyone who supported your launch, I suggest doing a video, livecast, or better yet a series of videos/livecast to share your message and thank any and everyone watching you.

IMPORTANT >>>>> Don’t be a selfish prick, you didn’t do this alone, BE SURE TO THANK EVERYONE <<<<< IMPORTANT

Logistics —

• Change the price of Kindle to $9.99

• Disable the redirect on your website to the Amazon page and make sure it goes back to “Post-Launch” layout with your book and Amazon buy button that takes prospects DIRECTLY TO your amazon page to purchase.
• Update the header graphic to reflect “Best Selling Author” status you achieved
• Disable & Remove the countdown timer
• Adjust any graphics that may need to be re-aligned due to the countdown timer being no longer needed

Your Global Presence:
• Remove any and all Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Snapchat, etc graphic banners to reflect your newly achieved “Best Selling Author” status

• What if they buy the day after or 2 days after? — Awesome ! —Let them know you appreciate it and thank them, perhaps offer an incentive to enter in a contest, as stated on the previous bullet point… you are now in the world of big business and continued promotion, the launch is over, the sales the next day do not count for best seller ranking, the sales the 2 days later, a week later DO NOT COUNT for Best Seller Ranking….but so what? your goal is to have a long term, thriving, profitable business, the launch is just one day, look at these people the next day, 2days later the following week as “Who is the next person i can serve and transform their life forever”

• Your launch will bring out new prospects, new friends, new clients, and also people who you will never work with, but they want to show their support, and they will do just that, again appreciate them, thank them, and find a way to sincerely encourage them, you don’t need someone as a client to help them, but remember while i don’t know what % will become prospects/friends/clients/supports the people 2 days, 3 days a week later, GENERALLY have a higher interest in your help, than when all the fanfare is going on. Love everyone, but realize while its a week later, they might just be the next live you can transform DO NOT SAY “launch is over you missed it” or “you were too late” honor them, and serve, Be congruent and let them know “The pricing was just for launch day” but encourage them by saying “you’re welcome to get a copy still and be entered into ___(drawing/contest/charity)” thanks for the consideration and support. You don’t need to lie to group A (prelaunch/launch day supporters) and you don’t have to ignore group B ( Anytime after launch albeit 1day / 1weekor beyond)
• Your launch is going to be great, it’s thrilling, its exhilarating, your heart will be going 150MPH, and your mind without a doubt will leave you 🙂 …but it will return in 2-7 days, and than you’ll be feeling “What just happened?” and it may be surreal still…this is a good thing, enjoy it document it, celebrate it, YOU deserve it

• This is the culmination of what you’ve focused on and worked so diligently for the last 8 weeks: Your Book is Launched, Your Expert Authority Funnel™ is setup, Your Signature Training is available for your audience to invest in, you’ve created your signature brand, you have your signature talk ready to give to your next audience, and you’ve been doing your signature publicity for the last month…can I let you in on a secret?

The publicity I trained you in is what you will continue to do from here on out 🙂 ….this isn’t the “End” but merely the beginning, while some of the emails were directed for the sole purpose of the launch. You also created the habit of sending out emails to your list on (at least) a weekly basis 🙂 Who’s stopping you from continuing on a “Weekly email” with case studies of your student’s and successes within your training, and the opportunity to check it out <<< no one

• Remember the FREE eBook we created, along with the Expert Authority Funnel™? …guess what you promote in all email communications from here on out…that URL and let the system do the rest

• Remember that video you did to announce the Book ? …Who’s stopping you from doing another a weekly or daily video sharing more great information related to your training that will add value to your audience that’s fun and engaging <<< no one ….and guess where you have them go to get more information ….that’s right…the URL to your signature funnel and let the system do the rest 🙂


Book Launch Date – Can I Change Mine/Push It Back? 
A) It Depends — In 99.99% of instances the answer will be a resounding “No”
Here’s why — It is the biggest dis-service to you, I can think of.
With the exception of the .01% chance some life crisis event effects your outcome, and I mean a REAL crisis, that more often than not will effect us ALL on a global scale, not just you locally…than perhaps.
There are countless stories of people who have overcome in the face of adversity, too long to list.
100% of people I’ve helped reach best seller (including myself) had “Stuff” come up right before, during, and after the training
Financial Loss
Car Accident
Job Loss
Staff Disappearing Without Notice
Graduating From Final College Semester w/Masters
Too Much Business Coming In (Offers)
National Holidays
Health Issues (Traumatic Brain Injury)
Business Partner Breaking Partnership
…and they still preserved and instead of “pushing-back” they “pushed-forward”
The ONLY real reason you truly won’t make this is the:
• Unwillingness to Change
You simply don’t want to, or do it “your way”
The likelihood that this is even an issue or occurrence is the same .01% that it will be allowed, if i had the slightest inkling you’re the type of person who would start something and not finish, I would have never let you in the program and you certainly wouldn’t have been accepted.
In that extremely rare and unlikely .01% instance, and I don’t want to even put an example of what it may be, because even if it was a death of a spouse, or close family, again, extremely tradjec and unfortunate, but again the choice is up to YOU how you want to move forward, some will, some what, its your decision.
If you had a boss, how long would they allow you to not come into work and still pay you?
If you were in a college class, how many classes could you not attend, before you not only have to re-take the class but also re-pay?
Just because you didn’t feel like doing the work the 1st 6 weeks, does that mean they are going to “Push Back” Graduation?
You see its not just a random date or a 1 day occurrence, the ENTIRE 8-WEEKS is built around this launch date and time, and every step, every detail has been laid out in a strategic order to accomplish just that, a successful, best-seller launch.
Think about a wedding date, you don’t just “change it” at will, there are a lot of pieces in motion, a lot of moving parts, a lot of money, and a lot of people’s time and energy making sure this once in a lifetime event goes off without a hitch..actually…to ensure you get hitched ?
But I digress, you don’t just “pick a new one”
A flight to your dream vacation, the plane leaves at a specific time, you need to arrive at a certain time, allow enough time to check in, board the play, and stow your luggage, you also have to account for drive time to the airport, packing your luggage, checking and double checking your passports, identification, finances, proper attire, and all essentials to ensure the best experience possible.
This is absolutely 1000% no different, this is actually 10x more important because you can go on many dream vacations in your lifetime, and it may be fun, but is it “something nice to do” or will they all be an “Absolutely milestone that changes the course of your life forever in all areas and all you do”
maybe, i hope so, you deserve it, but i don’t believe as much to the degree I know publishing not only your book, but achieving #1 Best Seller will.
• You not doing the work
• Allowing enough time
• Out-Sourcers/Staff taking too long on projects
• Not Liking how it looks
• You never got the emails, phone calls, messages you needed and ended up waiting on someone else
• “Perfectionism”
None of these, will constitutes an “Extension” 
You Have:
1,344 Hours in 8 Weeks
In full transparency, you have:
1,344-8=1,336 hours
1,336 Hours from start (Of week 1 Class at 3pm EST On your 1st Tuesday) until (the 7am EST Launch on Launch Day week 8)
To get the book 100% complete and up on Amazon
This equates to:
80,160 Minutes
You want to know the real # of Minutes you need to “Write” a best seller (according to the Expert Authority Effect™ Master Class Standards) ?
120-180 Minutes 
?! WHAT !? – How? 
The “Safe Zone” for a paperback book with Spine is 110 Pages (Including blank fill pages, table of contents, about the author, legal crap, etc) …not real hard
120-150 Pages is the real goal
Not a novel, but plenty of space to get your thoughts out and make a cohesive read that “Flows” without feeling “Cramped” 
This equates to roughly 20,000-25,000’s “Words” 
Voice Over Script Calculations are around 9,500-10,000 Words in 60 Minutes
So 100% realistically, you could talk for 2 hours – 2 hours and 30 minutes and “Generate” the content you require
Let’s just round up to 3 hrs to play it safe and call it a day
180 Minutes ! 
Figure less than 1 minute of talking is 1 page of content
You have 80,160 … you need 180 MAX 
That’s roughly 80,000 More minutes than you need
Pretty Cool Huh
Now this is so insane, but correct my math if its wrong. 
I just made a post on Facebook: 

“Seeking Math Guru”


How do you say this as a % (1/1000th?)

Answer 1 from Chris: “That first 2 is 2/10 of 1 percent”

It’s so beyond marginal I don’t even know how to tell you the little amount that’s required.
So now its time for a possible objection of:
“What about all the other stuff” 
You mean like “the Cover…Front and Back” and “Editing” and “Formatting”
Yes, no doubt there are more pieces to the puzzle but:
You’re not alone
The front and back cover can be getting designed while you are generating content, you can hire someone to setup and create all the social media stuff, same goes for logo in illustrator that gets forwarded .AI file to video editor to create a couple 3D Promotional Videos. The Book Sales Page and Email List can also be done as well as your Expert Authority Funnel and Landing Pages.
Editing, yes, has to be done once you have the content done…but i never said you have to have it ALL DONE before he/she can start.
Formatting on the other hand, yes you will have to be totally complete, but again, you’re not the one doing it $50-$100 will solve that problem, and while I don’t encourage this or teach this experience, I have tested the limits on purpose to see what they are and will personally tell you that if you pay enough extra the “24hr turnaround” can be done in less than 10, truthfully about 5-6-7 hrs…and only be an additional $20 investment
Uploading to Amazon+CreateSpace, 10-20mins? again there are people you can pay that will do it for you.
I personally wrote:
1st book = 2.5 months (1st ever no idea what i was doing)
2nd book = 1 day
3rd book = ~4-5 days ( Over Thanksgiving holiday, black Friday, and weekend having it ready to go to Hardcover print on Monday morning at 9am with a full 4 page/panel DustJacket (compared to 2 page with softcover)
Going through this course as designed attending ALL CLASSES, watching EVERY VIDEO, and scheduling and prioritizing homework along WITH LIFE, i have purposely created it to be no more than 3hrs a week or 20-24hrs in total over 8 weeks.
While still an accelerated pace, managable and still enjoyable and leisurely.
*Caveat — if you take 2 weeks THINKING about the 20 potential images to use for your cover photo, thats on you…pick 1 the 1st day, get the cover mock up 1 created, turned into a 3d promotional piece, run with it so you can start promoting and than tweak and refine little by little as time goes on.
There isn’t any 1 single part of this master class training that should take more than a few hours at any given time, 90% PLUS can be outsourced for pennies on the dollar, for the return you will receive. MAYBE …$1,000-$1,500 if you go all out get everything top of the line, multiple revisions, all with rush processing MAYBE (doubtful) *not including cost of printed books
The ONLY part that comes to mind as a (somewhat) “Big Thing” is the content itself, the priceless wisdom in your brain that we will be organizing into everything from here on out. 
The second that is done
99% of your “Heavy lifting” is done
and I just illustrated how it could be done in 3hrs by speaking and having it transcribed (which you don’t have to do)
Need 5 hrs? cool
want to take 8 so you can grab lunch and and a movie in between? awesome
No matter how you slice this i have solutions to get the biggest most difficult part done FROM SCRATCH in under 24hrs and still having a life in addition to it.
Want time to “Marinate” on your thoughts each night?
Sweet – so do a little each day and by the 2nd Class you’ll have it all complete, refined, and prolly edited (to a degree)
The point it, the only reason this DOESN’T HAPPEN, is YOU.
And letting others dictate your speed and business.
Which is the real reason I’m not allowing it.
Whether you take 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years to publish your book is personal choice (2 yrs you’d have to do on your own as it doesn’t fit the guidelines for this training) but the truth is, the time it takes doesn’t matter as much as:
If I allow you to “Push Back” this project, its that much easier not only for the next time, but NEXT PROJECT, and the next one, and your personal life, your family life.
See this isn’t about your book, its about EVERYTHING you do in life
How you do anything, is how you do everything ~ T. Harv Ecker

This isn’t designed to “Come and Go” as you please, and if you want to show up one week and not the next, so be it.

You’re not allowed to at will just decide you’re going to “Take a break” and come back “at a later time” when its good for you

You were allowed … into this program, at this investment price, this class period

This isn’t give up, slow down, or stop, because “Something happened” life doesn’t work that way and we clearly illustrated neither do almost any other company.

Don’t allow these standards of “Acceptable” in your life, its devasting, not just professionally, but personally.

If its “Someone else” and “not you” the answer is its always you, if its someone else, fire them, and replace them (1 day)

They don’t determine your business, you do,

53 chances to get this right in 8 weeks even after the 30-day threshold and launch sequence initiated, you can still have 22 screw ups and get it right on the 23rd and still make it happen.

No Excuses – Its 150% on YOU

Don’t start unless your willing to commit, and finish

Again, you wouldn’t be here if I thought this was honestly a concern, but I have been asked on rare occasion, over the many years so I want to be upfront and honest.
I have seen tradjec, horror stories from other companies i know that offer “Publishing” and thats why I created my program to me so much more than just that.
1 day got turned into 1 month
1 month got turned into 1 quarter
1 Quarter got turned into 1 year
Some never recovered to this day
THAT …is what WILL NOT happen with you and your experience and this class
Forget my countless time, my staff, my experience, my promotion, my partnership, energy, and also real $$$ that I invest each and every time to ensure your successful launch between my network and partnerships, and also putting my name, brand, and reputation on the line…
…I’ve been hit hard over the years in business, i might get knocked down, but I always get back up again, there is nothing that you could say or do to have a T.K.O. (Total Knock Out)
(Writing That single day best seller I just illustrated above under great circumstances …doesn’t take any longer under horrific ones — You could straight up implode 53 of the 54 days of the training and still pull this off in the 11th hour) 
I don’t know a lot of things, I’m learning daily, but when it comes to this, there is nothing that shakes my tree 
I know where I stand, what I can take, and the outcome that’s in store for me …
… Until the book is fully written and formatted and live on Amazon … you could be all talk for all I know, and your pain tolerance MAY not be as high as mine
I never want to deliberately hurt you, your family, or business and the absolutely worse thing that could be done, is allowing you to even consider an option of anything other than “This is a done deal and at this date and time its I’m finished with Phase I”
SO …
If you somehow get the .01% chance combination of “Life+Overwhelm” in the course of these 8 Weeks
You get 1 Mulligan, a “2nd chance”
and get to re-set the Launch Date UP TO 21 Days (3 weeks) from the original date.
Any longer than that and we will have to “Re-start” the machine, and the momentum will be lost.
You are welcome to re-apply to the course, and re-invest the than current pricing for the training.
You also have 30days from your 1st class AKA end of class Week 4 to use your “Mulligan” after that, I personally go to work for you with my promotional partners, staff, advance the priority of your project and start the “Launch” sequence from my end. Which roughly translates to 5-15hrs of my personal time I give to ensure your success, and almost always on launch day i put my own business and life on hold to keep the momentum going through to the end and we see your book as best seller on Amazon. I also have to notify promotional partners a month a head of time, and in real dollars equates to $500-$1,000 for support and time.
Lastly, it saddens me
To see the momentum and energy and excitement all fizzle off, to a degree makes me question “What could I have done better” in almost all cases the answer is “nothing” but still it’s not fun, but i have seriously been asked years ago before I created this program.
If you need me to cry with you, I have and will, if some S**t has really got you in a funk, awesome, let’s work through it.
Life can be cruel, but how we respond is the difference between failure and success.

It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you ~ Rachel Dawe’s (Batman Begins)


I think that’s that, i honestly spent nearly 2 hours thinking, refining, and typing this
I think we’re good, you don’t need “another example”
Choose to persevere and find a way to make it happen, I’m here to support you



HOW LONG WILL MY VOICE OVER SCRIPT GO FOR? (Turning Your Video/Audio Into a Published Work)

We’ve made a little app to help you out. Remember rates are determined by script WORD COUNT.

The Basics:

As a general guide; reading slow – 100, regular – 150, fast – 200.


  • 300 words = 2 minutes
  • 900 words = 5 mins
  • 1,800 words = 10 mins
  • 2,750 = 15 mins
  • 3,500 = 20 mins
  • 5,500 = 30 mins
  • 7,500 = 45 mins
  • 9,500 = 60 mins

GOAL = 20,000-25,000 Words = 120 mins


Book Launch Party (A Really Really Really fun, great idea, celebration, publicity, and profitable suggestion) — But is 150% optional and YOUR decision, you do not, I repeat, DO NOT need to do an in real life book launch with printed copies of your book to have a successful best seller launch.

With that being said…

…It is highly encouraged 🙂

Here is a link to a private map of great venues through ClubCorp (Parent company to the Skyline Club here in Detroit, where I hold my events) that you may consider partnering with as well all around the country.


If you own a place, have a place in mind, or have connections to a venue, anywhere will do, its all your personal preference.